Why Fashioned? Because fashion isn't all about what's on the outside, it's also about the goods that are within. Those of us at Fashioned Magazine, have a deep love for fashion, and all that comes with it -- the styles, the eras, the bags, the shoes, perfumes, hats, scarves...if it contributes to your couture at all, we love it! While we all truly enjoy the art of pairing clothing pieces together--from head-to-fragrance and right down to your toes, what we love most is the heart underneath all of that gorgeous fabric.  Nothing brings more joy than seeing a fashioned individual beaming from cheek to cheek as a direct result of her (or him) knowing that they have been fashioned and designed for greatness. If you are reading "Why Fashioned?", we want you to know that we think you are fabulous, fierce...fashioned!

fashioned … not just another magazine.